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      Rapsac#2387 Why do you want to be a Altis Life Play Tester?
      I would to be a play tester as I have been with this community since the start of the first Altis life development and would love to contribute in the testing to finding bugs for the new server in development to make it better by fixing them Do you understand that by being a play tester you will have to do specific tasks, not just play on the server?
      Yes Because the server will be password protected, you will be provided the password for the server, do you agree to not leak the password to non-play test members?
    • Uprise Network Invade & Annex Server Release We have officially launched the Invade & Annex Server! This means you can join and have some fun smashing AI and capturing towns and other objectives. For those of you who do not know the details of the server, they are HERE However if you cannot be bothered going there, here is the bare essential info you need. Server IP:  IP - Port - 2302 Rules ---> HERE Rules of Engagement (CAS/Motor) ---> HERE   We hope to see you on the server soon.... We will be hosting events in the coming weeks, all of these will be posted on the Uprise Network Discord, invite Link
    • Invade & Annex CAS/Artillery Rules of Engagement   These rules may be changed at any time without warning.
      If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to private message a I&A staff member.   Failure to comply with the following rules may result in administrative action without warning. This can range from destruction of your jet/artillery to blacklisting from CAS or Pilot.     Classification CAS: Close Air Support - CAS consists of any armed UAV, fixed-wing or rotor-propelled aircraft  - this does not include miniguns on Ghost Hawks and other transport helicopters. AA: Anti-air support - This consists of the fixed-wing AA jet. Fire Support: Fire support consists of all fixed position or mobile artillery/mortars. Smoke shells included.     ROE 1. CAS/AA and Fire Support CANNOT engage ground targets (boats included) without tasking by ground forces (infantry near the target). The exception is the UAV operator who can designate and request support.  - A valid tasking/call-in is as follows:  - A friendly infantryman typing a request into Side Channel, stating a specific position and/or target.  - Support requests made by other Pilots are not valid.  - The player requesting support AND the Pilot or Fire Support gunner must ensure, to the best of their ability, that no friendlies are in the target area. 2. The ONLY targets which can be engaged at free will are as follows:  - Enemy attack aircraft - Attack helicopters and enemy jets.  - Enemy vehicles which are outside of the AO/Side Mission area that pose a risk to other friendly aircraft i.e. 2km+ outside of the objective area.  - During a HQ Defence, enemies outside a 100m radius of HQ. 3. Targets that CANNOT be engaged under any circumstances are:  - The HQ.  - The Radio Tower.     General 1. Do not fly near objectives unless necessary to complete a specific mission. This puts the enemy on alert and, for some Side Missions, triggers a timer. 2. Do not ram or attempt to ram into targets, objectives or aircraft. 3. Do not interfere with Zeus missions/objectives/targets under any circumstance unless specifically requested.     If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak or complete a Player Report on the forums.
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